Starter Mindset

Moshe Goldstein​

Moshe Goldstein is an award winning computer scientist and AI researcher, an IP patent agent, a teacher, an author and mentor to many. He is a recent Computer Science and Mathematics graduate from Towson University (with cum laude honors) and specializes in cyber security.

Moshe’s passions include teaching biology at Ner Israel Rabbinical College and leveraging his expertise in AI, math and cyber security to deliver great business outcomes. He has combined his technology experience from working on the AI R&D team at Technica Corporation along with his work at an intellectual property firm to develop practical skills in intellectual property law.

In 2022, Moshe published his first book “STARTERMINDSET” to further his passion of helping young and budding entrepreneurs learn from the stories of other young entrepreneurs from across various disciplines. His key message is to challenge mental boundaries and never take No for an answer to become the bold creators of tomorrow. Moshe is a recipient of the Mid-Atlantic CIO forum Award in Computer Science and the Doris K. Lidtke Excellence in Service Award.